Students from Yokomi Elementary in full costume, getting ready to perform a dance


Magnet School Applications

Applications for these programs are accepted throughout the year, but preference is given to applications received between September 1 and December 1. Students are selected by random lottery for the schools listed below.                                        

Elementary School

Bullard Talent K-8 Visual and Performing Arts School

Beginning in kindergarten, all students participate in a Music and Art program. Bullard TALENT is committed to the philosophy that the “Arts are Academic”. The school is a popular kindergarten choice, which also accepts additional students at 4th and 7th grade.

Hamilton TK-8 Global Studies

Hamilton’s program highlights the rich culture of our world through global discoveries of the arts.  We emphasize the importance of thinking skills, which strengthens our learning in all content areas.  Hamilton is a place for children to discover their full potential.

Yokomi TK-6 Science and Technology  

Yokomi Elementary Magnet features classrooms with state-of-the-art technology. The school is equipped with interactive white boards, digital projectors, integrated sound systems, computers, and tablets for use by teachers and students. Laptop computers and tablets are accessible to students throughout the school, with students using computers on a regular basis as a learning tool. Science instruction occurs daily at the school and is designed to build students’ literacy skills while enhancing their knowledge of investigation techniques and problem-solving.  It is the only Magnet Elementary School with a science focus that houses dedicated science classrooms equipped specifically for elementary students to experience hands-on science instruction in addition to the regular elementary curriculum.

Middle School

Ahwahnee 7-8 Environmental Science

The mission of the Ahwahnee Middle School’s Environmental Science Magnet Program is to empower students to be knowledgeable stewards of the environment. It is our vision to make this happen through hands-on activities, service learning, and green activities on campus, where students will live GREEN* (Get connected; Reuse, recycle, rethink; Encounter water; Eat green; Nothing wasted).  They will effectively communicate and interact with the community as advocates for the environment.  Additionally, Ahwahnee Middle School brings championship sports teams and an award winning music program to a rich culture of learning.  Our WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) program helps connect all students to our school and be part of a community, the Warrior Nation.

Baird 5-8 Global Interdisciplinary Program  

Baird is a center for world languages and cultures, agribusiness, technology and AVID. As a national AVID demonstration school, students learn to be academically and emotionally ready to meet the rigors in a global economy. Emphasis is placed on delivering curriculum through a thematic, project driven, hands-on, minds on approach. It is Baird’s mission to attract a diverse student population, so all are encouraged to submit an application!

Cooper Academy 6-8 International Baccalaureate (IB) World School

Cooper Academy is a Middle Year Programme (MYP) IB World School. The 6th-8th grade MYP is a challenging framework that encourages ALL students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world. The mission of Cooper Academy is to develop a community of life-long learners who collaborate with parents and staff to create a better world through inquiry, intercultural understanding, and respect. Admission preference is given to students within the Fresno High attendance zone.

High School

Design Science Middle College High School 9-12 

A Fresno City College partnership which allows students to complete an Associate of Arts degree in conjunction with their high school diploma.

Duncan Polytechnical 9-12 Applied Technology or Health Sciences

A comprehensive high school organized into two Career Technical Education Academies with pathways in Applied Technology and Health Sciences. Certifications and job skills are integrated into the offerings, along with leadership skills. 

Fresno 9-12 International Baccalaureate (IB) World School

A comprehensive High School experience focused on the International Baccalaureate Programme. At Fresno High School every student receives a rigorous learning experience at grades 9th and 10th through the Middle Years’ Programme. This is followed by a rich experience with a combination of college preparatory and college level classes and, also, opportunities to be involved in 4 Career Pathways. The 11th and 12th-grade experiences allow students to earn the prestigious International Baccalaureate Awards of either a Full Diploma, Courses Designation or a Career Certificate. These opportunities are enhanced with outside projects and research as well as experiences in community service.

Patiño School of Entrepreneurship 9-12

The Patiño School of Entrepreneurship is a full-time High School that teaches core content through an entrepreneurial mindset.  Students learn foundational technological skills in web development and online marketing that support their ability to start real companies.  Unique teaching and learning fosters real world skills, critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. Mentors and consultants from the business community and technology industry support students in launching their businesses. The Patiño School of Entrepreneurship develops innovators and change makers for a better tomorrow.

Roosevelt 9-12 School of the Arts

Roosevelt School of the Arts is a magnet school in the Fresno Unified School District that provides students with in-depth and intense training and experience in performing, visual, and media arts, while also offering a rigorous academic program.  The curriculum of Roosevelt School of the Arts is unique in that it involves course work and experiences in the arts that are not available at other area high schools. Many Roosevelt alumni have gone on to successful careers on Broadway, and in the film, television and recording industries, due in part, to their experience at Roosevelt School of the Arts. 

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