​Parent Involvement and Student Success!

Parent Involvement makes the difference in a student’s success.  It is important that parents are involved in as many ways as possible and that they become full partners with the schools in the education of their children.

Parents must be kept informed of the progress of their children.  The school site’s “Parent Involvement Policy” which is developed by parents and the school site personnel is a map to ensure parents are kept up-to-date and informed of their child’s progress.  The policy offers parents the opportunity to give input into their own training needs and the development of the plan for improving and home/school communication.

The “Parent School Compact” is another tool that is jointly developed with staff, parents, and students.  It focuses on the role of each person involved in helping students become proficient in their academics as well as how all parties will communicate and work together.

There is no question that parental involvement is truly a combination of commitment and active participation on the part of the parent to the school and to the student.

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